Steam clean couch Sunshine Coast

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Happy Tradie’s steam clean couch Sunshine Coast professional technicians have the know-how about all types of couches, even the most delicate, hence you can be at ease that they will always choose the appropriate cleaning process for your couches. We have specialized solutions and equipment that will gently clean every piece while paying special attention to the most soil magnet areas such as the kickboards, seat edges, cushions, headrests, and armrests.

We use an 8 step process in our steam clean couch Sunshine Coast services.

  • Pre-inspection: We perform a pre-inspection and test a small area, and discuss it with our customer
  • Vacuum: We will use a commercial vacuum cleaner for extracting dust, crumbs, hair, dirt etc.
  • Pre-spray: We will apply a biodegradable solution for the breaking down of the soiling and spots
  • Gentle agitation: We will use a couch brush for breaking up the heavy spots and soiling
  • Steam Clean: The surface of the couch is steam cleaned or the hot water extraction method is used
  • Rinse: We will then use a solution for removing the remaining residue so the re-soiling is minimized
  • Spot Treatment: We will then use appropriate solutions for the remaining spots. Our technicians will use a range of standard treatments for removing these spots. There are some spots such as wine, ink, wax etc. that requires special treatments. For the removal of these spots, our technician will consult with you and provide a free quote
  • Deodorizing: Finally for leaving a fresh fragrance, we will apply a deodorizer for odor neutralization

Steam clean couch Sunshine Coast

We provide emergency, routine, move in or out and one off couch cleaning services for:

  • Office and commercial properties
  • Services apartments, executive apartments, units and homes
  • Upholstery items that have been scratched during the transportation
  • Aircraft, boats, cars and mobile homes
  • Community centers, churches, nursing homes, kindergartens, child care centers and schools
  • Yoga centers, gyms and fitness centers
  • Doctor waiting and surgery rooms, health centers, and medical facilities
  • B&B accommodation, hostels, motels, hotels, cafes, bars, clubs, pubs, shops etc.

Steam clean couch Sunshine Coast2

Apart from couches, we provide steam cleaning for the following:

  • Office chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Bar seats
  • Buffet seats
  • Love seats
  • Cushions
  • Recliners
  • Footstools
  • Chaises
  • Sofas
  • Board room chairs and so on