Recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast

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Recliner cleaning is easy for the Australian residents when they call Happy Tradie to hire their recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast team. We specialize in recliner projects that include cleaning different types of upholstery, leather furniture, microfiber couches and suede sofa. This is what we do all year long, like cleaning pet urine stains and red wine stains from your expensive recliners.

What makes our recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast special?

  • We can clean any type of stubborn stains
  • We always come prepared and on time
  • We offer recliner cleaning tips for prolonging the life of your furniture
  • We do a pre-inspection and post-inspection of all our recliner cleaning projects

Recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast

Whether your dog has urinated on your recliner or you have spilled red wine on it, we will make your recliner furniture like new again. Our cleaners will always arrive at your place in uniform, and will come fully prepared for any cleaning situation.

We will clean you recliner right where it is placed and will move the other furniture around it to make more room for a nice cleaning space.

Recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast2

Our cleaning consultants can offer you useful cleaning tips for your recliners so that you can extend the life of your furniture. You can start by wiping down the recliners once a week, using a damp towel so that the life of the couch is maximized. For further maintenance, you should vacuum the recliner once a week, clean the spots and rinse it thoroughly. You should make sure never to use soapy detergents for cleaning spots because it alkaline property will attract more dirt.

Our recliner cleaning technicians will always arrive on time for a project and start doing a pre-inspection of your recliners so that they are on the same page as you.  After the inspection, we will point out the particular stains that won’t come out completely and the area that is severely damaged beforehand.

After we are done with the recliner cleaning service we will carry out a post-inspection. During this inspection, we will give you a tour of the dirty water that was extracted from your recliner and the permanent stains that will not come off.