Professional leather furniture cleaning service

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Is your leather furniture losing its fancy appearance? If you want to make it magnificent again, then you should hire Happy Tradie’s professional leather furniture cleaning services. We believe in our principle that everyone deserves luxury in their life. That is why we offer exceptional cleaning standards for our leather cleaning services at affordable prices.

Our leather cleaning service includes cleaning of:

  • Sofa:
    Whether the sofa is made up of unfinished or finished leather, we can properly take care of this pivotal element of your interior
  • Upholstery:
    If you have other upholstered leather furniture like pouffes, footstools and chairs, we can clean it for you
  • Car:
    Keeping the leather seats clean and fresh is an integral part of your car maintenance and we can do it for you in an efficient way.

Professional leather furniture cleaning service

Whether you are in search of commercial or domestic leather furniture cleaning, we can assist you. If you don’t want to create a hassle for your clients, or want to keep an eye on our cleaning processes, we can provide our leather cleaning services on the evening hours, bank holidays and the weekends.

Apart from our regular leather cleaning services, we also offer leather recoloring and restoration, so you can enjoy your furniture like it is brand new.

Leather furniture requires special cleaning and care. We know all the niceties required in leather cleaning and our cleaners are fully trained in doing a perfect cleaning job. The best methods for cleaning leather furniture are dry cleaning and basic cleaning. We will always choose the most appropriate cleaning methods for your leather furniture, depending on its type. For unfinished leather dry cleaning is used, while for finished leather we apply basic cleaning.

Professional leather furniture cleaning service2

Leather cleaning is an extremely tricky business. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up damaging your furniture. It requires proper care as it is actually a skin. Our professional leather cleaners have the skills and knowledge for dealing with any type of situation. We use the latest detergents and cleaning technologies that will never damage your leather furniture.

We offer the best professional leather furniture cleaning service because we are:

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Fully certified
  • Flexible