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Pest Control

For a number of years, Happy Tradie has always taken pest control seriously and to prove it you can ask any one of our satisfied customer. Using the latest science and technology, we are constantly testing and innovating new products, so that your home can be protected in the most effective way.
On each visit, Happy Tradie does three things:
• Assess and inspect the place

If you have seen a certain type of pest in your home or you just want protection against unwanted guests, our professional will come over and inspect the property. On the first visit, we will carry out a thorough inspection of the entire property, using latest equipment such as telescoping cameras, UV lights and moisture meters. This will allow us to identify the high risk areas such as the leaks, cracks and other entry points.

Our first visit and inspection will take around 45 to 60 minutes, while our regular visits will only take 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of the first inspection, we will generate the inspection report highlighting the problems in the house and also recommends a tailored plan to tackle them.

• Implementation and getting the job done

We will take care of all identified problems in the report and install monitoring tools in the high risk areas to keep a look out for pests. We use scientific solution and the best tools available, to tackle the root cause of the problem so that the pest problem is efficiently and thoroughly treated. Once the job is completed, we will issue a ticket that will outline the tasks undertaken and when should the revisit be scheduled.

• Monitoring and providing a year-round solution

Pests don’t just come once a year, they are a year-round problem. We will regularly visit to monitor your home and any pest activity. By monitoring the previous treatments done, we will check for new pest infestations. We will continue to report the progress and problems so that the best maintenance is undertaken for your home. No matter what the season is, we will make sure that the seasonal pests are taken care of and ensure that you are given a long term protection.

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