Microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Microfiber is one of the most commonly used materials for covering couches in Sunshine Coast. They have increasingly become popular because of its wide availability, affordability and the range of colors it comes in such as cream, raisin or chocolate.  The big downside of a microfiber couch is that it attracts a lot of crumbs deposits, dust and dirt. People also often complain that this material can create static and also feels hot when they sit on it. Happy Tradie offers one of the best microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast services.

The positive of the microfiber couch is that the polyester can successfully repel liquids and prevent deep absorption. However, cleaning the microfiber couch using the steam cleaning machines, found in the market, are not that effective. Luckily Happy Tradie offers a quick and easy cleaning solution for your microfiber couch. The steps are as follows:

  • First we vacuum the couch, using a brush attachment to remove debris, dirt and hair from the couch.
  • Then put our special designed solution in a spray bottle, and gently spray on the affected areas. We concentrate on small areas one at a time, because the solution can evaporate very quickly.
  • Then we use a sponge and heavily scrub the microfiber surface. The entrenched dirt and grime will start to come off with the sponge.
  • Once the couch has dried, we use a soft scrubbing brush and work over the fabric. This will plump up the fabric by evening out the surface. It will prevent the material from becoming stiff and dry after the liquid has dried.

Microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast2

If the microfiber couches have cushion covers, we will remove and clean them in our washing machine. We wash it in a gentle washing cycle, using warm water and regular detergent.

Getting the microfiber couch professional cleaned by our professionals, is cheaper and the better option than going out buying a new one. With just a phone call, we can come over, take the couch and make it look brand new once again. We use a variety of cleaning techniques that depends on the type of furniture.

Microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast

If you have any other furniture cleaning and repairing service in Sunshine Coast, you should definitely give us a call. We provide the best microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast services at the lowest possible rates.