Leather furniture cleaning company

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Do you still remember the feeling when you first sat on your brand new leather furniture? It must have felt comfortable, felt good, smelt great and it must have been in an immaculate condition. Now when you look at your leather furniture it must be starting to look grubby, tired and dull. Well, we have exciting news for you – Happy Tradie is one of the most renowned leather furniture cleaning company in Australia. The best part is that we do all this safely, without any fuss or mess and within no time.

Happy Tradie, the leading leather furniture cleaning company offers:

  • Complete surveys before starting the professional leather furniture cleaning services
  • On site repairs and cleaning for all your leather furniture
  • Manual and gentle leather cleaning
  • Experienced and professional leather furniture cleaning technicians

Leather furniture cleaning company2

We usually follow the following process for leather furniture cleaning:

  • Pre-inspection: We will start our professional leather furniture cleaning services by completing a full survey of the leather, which will be done by one of our experts
  • Leather Cleaning: We will then use one of the finest leather furniture cleaning processes and techniques to remove any soil and stains while at the same time replenishing the colors and vital oils. Our technicians will gently clean the entire leather furniture by hand so that the leather furniture is not damaged in any way
  • Conditioning: After we have professionally cleaned your leather furniture, we will then apply a conditioning cream so that it is protected from any future damage

Leather furniture cleaning company

After we have cleaned your leather furniture you should follow the following general care tips so that it is properly maintained:

  • You should dust the leather furniture often by using a crevice tool, and also vacuum it regularly
  • You should place your leather furniture away from skylights and windows so that it is not exposed to intense light sources
  • If you spill something on the leather furniture, you should immediately start to remove it by blotting rather than dubbing
  • Never leave newspapers on the leather furniture as the ink will rub onto it
  • You should protect the leather from animal claws and sharp instruments
  • Never use any harsh chemicals, saddle soaps or cleaners as they can damage the furniture