How to clean suede couch

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The soft feel and suede appearance on sofas are appealing for obvious reasons. Even though they are very stylish to look at, they are at times very tricky to clean. It is difficult to stain a suede couch, however if you don’t get it professionally cleaned by Happy Tradie, the small problems can turn into big ones.

Happy Tradie follows the following method when cleaning the suede couches:

  • We identify the material of the suede so that we can ensure that we are cleaning it properly. If the manufacturer of the couch has listed it as a W then it can be cleaned using water solutions, and if it is listed as S then it means that the couch will get stained if water is used.
  • First we select the appropriate microfiber solvent for the identified suede material
  • Next we spray the microfiber solvent on the couch, being careful that we do not soak it. We spray the suede couch by doing a 3 foot by 3 foot section at a time.
  • We then wipe each area until each section of the suede couch is cleaned, by applying a firm and even pressure. We ensure that we concentrate our efforts more on the contaminated area and take care of the major spots and spills. It is important that you call us immediately in the case of a stain because it is easier to remove it completely when it is fresh.
  • We then let the suede couch dry, before allowing it to be used. The advantage of a suede couch is that it dries quickly, usually within 20 minutes. We can quicken the drying process by using our industry powered dryers.

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You can maintain the freshness of the suede couch, by following the following tips:

  • You should remove the cushions every week so that any papers, crumbs and other pieces can be removed.
  • You should use a vacuum to remove the debris of the suede couch. This will also help remove any accumulated pet dander or dust.
  • You should use a suede brush to wipe the cushions of any leftover debris.
  • You should brush the suede couch every week so that any dust is removed and the couch does not start to look dull.

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