How to clean leather furniture

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Leather furniture is a durable and beautiful piece of furniture that can form an integral part of your living room. Everyone must know how to clean leather furniture. However, if you don’t know how to properly take care of your leather furniture then some of their elegance will be lost and it can even be damaged. Fortunately, Happy Tradie is an expert and knows how to clean leather furniture.

You should hire Happy Tradie for cleaning your leather furniture once a year, or after a party. We follow the following steps when it comes to leather cleaning:

  • We clean the dust

We use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove any debris found between the cushions on your sofas. We then move to the dust found on the surface of the leather furniture by using a microfiber cloth. This will remove any crumbs, dirt and dust and will prevent it from seeping into the leather.

How to clean leather furniture2

  • Attack any stains

We will inspect the furniture for any possible stains. We apply the appropriate cleaning method, depending on the type of stain found on your leather furniture. You should not try to remove the stubborn stains yourselves by scrubbing it, because you might end up damaging the leather. We can help you to remove the stains or also provide you any extra information for removing a particular stain.

  • We wash and rinse the leather

We use the top of the line cleaning solutions and wipe every cushion on the leather furniture, while applying a moderate pressure. We also make sure that we wipe of any grime and grit on the cushions. After washing all the cushions, we then move on to removing the residue left of the furniture.

How to clean leather furniture

  • Conditioning the leather

For providing a protective finish, we apply a protective coat on the leather furniture. After allowing it to sit in for almost 30 minutes, we then buff it using our equipment. You should get your leather furniture conditioned once a year, so that the suppleness of the leather is protected.

If you are planning to clean the leather furniture yourselves remember not to use harsh cleaning agents, bleach or ammonia on the leather. Plus always test the product before applying it on the leather furniture.