How to clean leather couch

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Even though leather couches might seem tough, even they require regular cleaning. Like any other couch it takes on the same pollutants and dirt. However, unlike the upholstered couches, leather loses its softness and moisture over time. The leather cleaners bought from the store can provide immediate relief, however, it can cause damage in the longer term. This is why leather cleaning requires the knowledge of the professionals at Happy Tradie.

We have trained and experienced leather technicians that use the right leather cleaning methodology to cleanse all your leather couches. We clean your leather couch, by following certain steps as below:

  • First, we will apply a specially made cleaner that will wipe out any damaging soils
  • Next we will heat the leather so that the pores are opened up and the moisturizer is accepted
  • After the leather is cleaned we also provide an optional protector so that the cracks where soils usually settle are filled up. This step is usually done by re-heating the leather.

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Happy Tradie only uses professional and safe moisturizers, leather cleaners, and protectors so that your leather couch is rejuvenated, without causing any negative side effects.

You should hire our professional leather couch cleaning services, just because leather cleaning requires a lot of care as it can be easily damaged. Even though homeowners can do this on their own, it takes qualified professional to do an excellent job because they have all the necessary materials and equipment.

If there are any small stains on your leather couch, you can treat it yourself at home by using non-abrasive toothpaste. If you can’t remove the stain easily, don’t try to scrub the material, as it will only cause further damage to the leather couch. If the stains are tough to remove, then you should call our professionals to deal with it. We are equipped with the latest and extremely powerful stain fighters, that are completely safe to use.

We have certified leather cleaning professionals who have the best cleaning materials in the market and are trained in the latest methods. We are trained to handle every variety of leather. We will quickly take care of any sort of stain and issues that are common with leather.