How to clean a couch

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You should hire our certified professional couch cleaners to perform couch cleaning every year so that your couch maintains its excellent condition. Food particles, soil, debris and pet dander can cause discoloration, create stains, bad odors and can make it a breeding ground for microbes. If it is not taken care of, the moulds and bacteria can infest the couch and cause allergic reactions and health problems for you and your family. Our certified technicians can restore the couch to its original color and look and they know professional methods of how to clean a couch.

Upholstery couch cleaning follows the following steps:

  • First, we start off by vacuuming the upholstery couch so that loose particles and dry soils are removed
  • Next we will pre-treat and pre-spot the couch, using specially made solutions for the upholstery material
  • We will then groom the couch, using a soft upholstery brush so that the soil is further loosened
  • Next we will proceed with the soil extraction using a controlled and gentle rinse
  • If there are any stains remaining on the couch, we will apply additional stain solutions
  • We will then use our high-velocity speed dryers to quicken the drying process
  • Finally, we will undertake a final inspection to ensure that the job is well done and the customer is satisfied

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Depending on the material of the couch, the treatment method of how to clean a couch is determined. Upholstery and leather couches are most commonly found, and both require different approaches.

how to clean a couch

The leather couch requires a different cleaning approach, mainly because leather is more delicate in nature.

  • Firstly, our technicians will remove any loose dirt or soil from the couch, before moving on to intensive methods. If we do not remove the dry soils, they may permanently sore or scratch the leather. Unlike the upholstery furniture, leather couch prevents the particles from penetrating deeply.
  • Next we will use gentle chemicals or detergents, with water, to wash the leather couch surface.
  • We will then follow it up with restorative conditioners or oils. As the leather is made up of animal hide, the regular application of oils or conditioners can keep it supple.

You should always hire Happy Tradie’s professional couch cleaning services, as they can tackle any complications faced during the cleaning process.