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Recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast

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Recliner cleaning is easy for the Australian residents when they call Happy Tradie to hire their recliner cleaners services Sunshine Coast team. We specialize in recliner projects that include cleaning different types of upholstery, leather furniture, microfiber couches and suede sofa. This is what we do all year long, like…

Steam clean couch Sunshine Coast

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Happy Tradie’s steam clean couch Sunshine Coast professional technicians have the know-how about all types of couches, even the most delicate, hence you can be at ease that they will always choose the appropriate cleaning process for your couches. We have specialized solutions and equipment that will gently clean every…

Professional leather furniture cleaning service

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Is your leather furniture losing its fancy appearance? If you want to make it magnificent again, then you should hire Happy Tradie’s professional leather furniture cleaning services. We believe in our principle that everyone deserves luxury in their life. That is why we offer exceptional cleaning standards for our leather…

Professional couch cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Happy Tradie’s professional couch cleaning Sunshine Coast services are offered in the entire Sunshine Coast area. We provide stain removal and fabric cleaning services that are suited for any type of furniture coverings, from the most delicate materials, to the finest leather. The following sets Happy Tradie’s professional couch cleaning Sunshine…

Microfiber couch cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Microfiber is one of the most commonly used materials for covering couches in Sunshine Coast. They have increasingly become popular because of its wide availability, affordability and the range of colors it comes in such as cream, raisin or chocolate.  The big downside of a microfiber couch is that it…

Leather furniture cleaning company

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Do you still remember the feeling when you first sat on your brand new leather furniture? It must have felt comfortable, felt good, smelt great and it must have been in an immaculate condition. Now when you look at your leather furniture it must be starting to look grubby, tired…

How to clean suede couch

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The soft feel and suede appearance on sofas are appealing for obvious reasons. Even though they are very stylish to look at, they are at times very tricky to clean. It is difficult to stain a suede couch, however if you don’t get it professionally cleaned by Happy Tradie, the…

How to clean leather furniture

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Leather furniture is a durable and beautiful piece of furniture that can form an integral part of your living room. Everyone must know how to clean leather furniture. However, if you don’t know how to properly take care of your leather furniture then some of their elegance will be lost…

How to clean leather couch

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Even though leather couches might seem tough, even they require regular cleaning. Like any other couch it takes on the same pollutants and dirt. However, unlike the upholstered couches, leather loses its softness and moisture over time. The leather cleaners bought from the store can provide immediate relief, however, it…

How to clean a couch

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You should hire our certified professional couch cleaners to perform couch cleaning every year so that your couch maintains its excellent condition. Food particles, soil, debris and pet dander can cause discoloration, create stains, bad odors and can make it a breeding ground for microbes. If it is not taken…

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