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Carpet Cleaning

Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning is one of the most preferred carpets cleaning system that will reduce dust mites and mold, and deep clean your carpet. We will leave you carpets clean, dry, fresh and ready to use. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned by Happy Tradie can get you the following benefits:

  • We will eliminate trapped pollutants: A dirty carpet in your property can attract various air pollutants that include pet dander, particle pollution, lead and everyday dust and dirt. Furthermore, toxic gases, that are airborne, can also adhere within these particles and hence get entrapped within the carpet.
  • These toxic gases are a result of everyday activities such as walking across the carpet and vacuuming that can contaminate the clean air in your home. Our professional carpet cleaning services will kill all sorts of bacteria by using specially created cleaning solutions. Plus, using highly powered vacuums, we will remove the pollutants that are deeply trapped.
  • We will clear out infestations of dust mites: Even though majority of the homes have dust mite infestations, most homeowners aren’t even aware of it because of their microscopic size. Dust mites are not allergens themselves, however the body fragments and feces that they leave behind are.
  • Due to their microscopic size, they can be inhaled easily and that can aggravate allergies. We expose the carpet to high temperatures, using steam carpet cleaning, so that the dust mites are eliminated.
  • We will prevent mold growth: Dirty carpets, especially in high humid areas, carry a high risk of mold growth when they are exposed to the moisture. Moisture often gets tracked into the house in precipitous weathers, and if the carpet fibers are not vacuumed and dried immediately it can sink deep into the carpets.

We have highly powered drying equipment that will annihilate moisture, preventing any mildew and mold growth on your carpets. In future if you want to avoid mold growth you should have a well-ventilated house and use fans to dry out the carpet.

You should definitely get your carpet cleaned by our professionals at least once a year, in areas where there is low traffic. However, in areas with high traffic, you should get it cleaned on a quarterly basis.

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