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Bond Cleaning For Sunshine Coast Residents

Get Your Money Bond Back! - Spotless professional cleaning for rental properties on the Sunny Coast.

Seasoned Bond Cleaners
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We Are Bond Cleaners In Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, or homeowner our professional exit and entry clean will relieve the stress of moving and give you total peace of mind.

Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience. Hiring bond cleaning experts can free up some time to help you get settled in your new home whilst the professionals do what they specialise in – ensuring a thorough bond clean.

When you are moving out of rental accommodation, the landlord will get angry on minor issues regarding the cleanliness of his property. He will try to confiscate your bond money by claiming that you didn't clean the house properly. To avoid this situation, our Sunshine Coast bond cleaning service offers a complete package of cleaning services as. It is always better to get a solution in advance to tackle future problems instead of waiting to take action at the last minute. Your bond money will be helpful to you in future.

We pride ourselves in immaculate exit and bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast and have all the experience to convince the landlord so he will return your bond money as agreed in the lease contract.

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Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaning Services

Choose our services for your end of lease cleaning in the Sunshine Coast area because we are:

  • Hardworking

    Operating in the area for more than a decade we have a good reputation earned through experience, dedication and hard work.

  • Sincere

    We always maintain a relationship based upon honesty and trust with our clients.

  • Affordable

    We charge customers only for what we have done for them nothing and also provide many complimentary services at competitive rates. Our aim is to satisfy both our client and the landlord at the same time.

Our qualified expert bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast are the most suitable for all the tenants who want their bond money back from the property owner.
We start from the kitchen and clean it thoroughly. We also clean the oven and the stove. We clean all the bedrooms including their floor, windows and cupboards. Cupboards are usually ignored by other cleaning companies, but we never ignore anything. We also provide minor repairing to cupboards if there is something broken. We remove cobwebs and dust from walls and corners that are hidden and not easy to reach. But the owner will know those places and he will never miss checking on them and if he finds even a single speck of dust, got ready to lose a large chunk of your bond money right away. We return everything to its pristine condition. Our cleaning is remarkable and affordable. If you want spotless cleaning and want all your bond money, just call us for hiring the services.



Frequently Asked Questions

Bond cleaning refers to the process of completing the Rental Association’s checklist for exit cleans in Queensland (bond clean checklist). On the Sunshine Coast, landlords may likely make it mandatory in your lease agreement that you get a specialist bond cleaning service as a condition before you can return the keys to the property. Regardless of what is stated in the lease, it is important to return the property in a clean condition in order to get your bond money back. Making sure the property is thoroughly cleaned before handing back the keys is an obligation which typically involves any required repairs or maintenance in order to get the premises as close as humanly possible to the state it was when you moved in.
Please ensure you do not cut off the utilities prior to the bond clean as electricity is required for cleaning.
Prices typically start from $99 per room. Your quote is dependent on the property size. For a more personalised quote, please get in touch with us.
No, absolutely no hidden costs. After discussing your requirements, we'll be able to issue a finalised quote using the information provided.


5.0 ★★★★★ This was the service I have ever gotten - got all my cash back - Marge Waller

5.0 ★★★★★ , We advise all our tenants to use them because they have many contractors and they all do a good job - Jen Blank

5.0 ★★★★★ They were very prompt with their invoices on the web as well as over the phone, (Robins )



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