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If you want to know why Happy Tradie’s bond clean Sunshine Coast is better than other cleaning companies and why you shouldn’t do the cleaning job yourself then consider these points:

  • Happy Tradie makes sure that it doesn’t hire amateur cleaners. Amateur cleaners though don’t cost a lot to the company, but are bad for the reputation of that company.
  • We make sure to get the latest cleaning equipment. Other cleaning companies use old and obsolete cleaning equipment and thus those cleaning tools aren’t good for cleaning.
  • We make our own cleaning chemicals and this why we never damage anything using our chemicals.


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If you are thinking of getting a cleaning service, then you should always consult with people and ask their opinions on the matter. They are going to tell you to go for experienced cleaning companies like Happy Tradie. They are going to tell you not to go for smaller companies that are claiming that they are the best cleaners in town. The best way is to go with the cleaning companies that you trust are the right choice for you. Never diverge and start looking for cleaning companies that are offering weird deals. These cleaning companies are filled with nonprofessional cleaners that are going to damage stuff at your place. They aren’t fit for cleaning and once you get cleaning services from them, you are going to see why. They don’t have the proper training, personnel or equipment for the job. This is why you should always go with professional cleaning companies. Professional cleaning companies know what they are doing and they know how to satisfy customers. They know how to clean because they have the proper training. They that they can’t let the customer’s bond money go to waste because the customer would be upset if that happened. This is why these cleaning companies make sure that the customer gets value out of their money.


Happy Tradie is one of those cleaning companies and we make sure that the customer isn’t upset with the company. The name of the service provided by Happy Tradie is called the bond clean Sunshine Coast service.

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